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K, I'm dumb.

2011-01-16 19:11:14 by Darrick2theend

Apparently, there IS a way to format GarageBand projects into MP3 format, so, as a note to myself, GET THESE FINISHED ALREADY.

Iron Blue Intention - from Castlevania: Bloodlines
Snowman - from the Earthbound/Mother trilogy
Prologue - from Final Fantasy

^ Two versions of the prologue: The Final Fantasy IV version and a loop version.


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2011-01-16 20:25:58 183739

Garageband loops aren't allowed on Newgrounds' audio portal. Read the above link for why.

(Updated ) Darrick2theend responds:

When I say "loop," I mean the song loops back into itself; it isn't made with preset loops.
Thanks for the concern, but all I'll need to worry about (for now) is giving credit where it's due and the big ol' BLAM.